Trellis Outdoor Weddings
Frequently Asked Questions...


How long does the actual ceremony take?  Average time is 30 - 45 minutes. Always plan on ONE hour for your ceremony. This includes waiting for the last minute guests to arrive, recognizing family members and bridal party as part of your processional, then departing with your recessional music.


What if I don't want to see my partner until ceremony time?  The time of the ceremony can be adjusted within your time frame to allow for this to happen.


Girls! Do I do my hair and makeup before I come or wait until I get there?  You would come in your comfy clothes with your hair and make-up done.  Your wedding attire would be put on here, with the last minute prep and details. 


Guys! Do I come in my tux/wedding attire or should I get ready there?  Whatever works best for you.  Some guys say "it is easier to dress once after a shower than to dress twice".


Do I need to bring in floral for my wedding? Most couples will bring in bouquets and boutonniere's for the wedding party. Some couples will recognize parents, grandparents and those that are significant in their wedding/life with a corsage or a boutonniere. Maybe a remembrance bouquet or flower for someone that has passed? We have 2 pillars that are thigh high in our Canopy area. They are permanent and can not be removed. If you would like to bring in matching floral arrangements for these pillars, it adds a spark of color to your ceremony images.


Is there enough parking for my 250 guests?  Yes, our parking lot was made for a guest list of 250.


Can we bring in food and drinks?  Yes, ONLY for your wedding party and it must remain in the Cottage.  Hydration is very important and girls seem to always forget to eat. Bringing in munchies and beverages for the wedding party is perfect. If you would like to serve your guests non-alcoholic beverages, Trellis can accommodate these wishes!


What about music during the ceremony?   Feel free to bring in any musicians you would like.  If you choose to use prerecorded music, you would bring in an ipod, iphone, computer or any other electronic devise to plug in to our system.  On the night of your rehearsal you need to make certain to bring along someone who will run your music on your wedding day.  The same person that is here for the rehearsal should run the music on wedding day.  We will teach them our simple system on rehearsal night. 


I would like to attach ribbon or floral to some key places, is this o.k?   Yes, we ask that you use zip ties or wire so that it can be taken down without harm.  Also that you clean up after your self.


When do we take pictures?  The photographer usually meets the couple here and starts images right away. From the dress, tux or shorts being put on to the shoes being tied, those details can be captured. 


What time do I tell my family to come?  Immediate family, that you would like to get pictures with, should come within 1/2 hour of you coming. 


What if we have really large families and we are worried about getting all of the pictures we want?  You can always start your images earlier or continue after.  We are only 2 minutes from downtown Stillwater, the St. Croix River and Pioneer Park.  All of these places offer beautiful backdrops for wedding day photos. 


Can I bring someone in to marry us?  Yes, you can bring in anyone you would like.


Will there be other weddings on site with mine?  No, we only have one special wedding at a time!  


If you are looking for a DINNER venue:  We have complied a list of 40 venues that are from 2-30 minutes from Trellis. We are happy to send you this list. Go to the Contact page in the upper right corner and let us know you would like this.


Is Trellis handicapped accessible?   Yes.   We "sneak" wheelchairs and those who do not want to walk our treelined pathway in to the front of the Canopy.  Our bathroom is wide enough for a wheelchair.  


Can I bring in decorations?   Sure, we find that most guests will bring in items to personalize their wedding.  We have two antique side tables.  Often guests will bring in pictures to share, a guest book to sign, a remembrance bouquet for those they do not want to forget, programs, bubbles, etc.   We ask that you put someone in charge of taking these items after your ceremony.  The last thing you want to do is run around and gather.


Can my furry friend be part of my wedding ceremony?  Yes!   We are dog and cat friendly.   All we ask is that you clean up after their mess.  Sometimes the cutest flower girl or ring bearer has four legs!

I am going to print invitations, what time should I put on my invitation for guests to arrive? If you are not going to see your partner until you walk down the aisle, you will want to start your wedding earlier (in your time frame), allowing for photography after. If you are going to do a “first look” before your ceremony, most pictures can be taken before the wedding. Many couples allow 2 hours on the front side, with your wedding starting ONE hour prior to your departure. Everyone is very unique in their wedding day wishes. You can always call us and we can work through your ceremony start time with you.