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Trellis Outdoor Weddings
– The Gazebo


an intimate experience…

A Trellis favorite!  Gazebo Weddings are incredibly quaint and romantic.  This area is outlined with awe inspiring gardens.  A gift of color wherever you look.   A vintage chandelier overhead compliments the floral setting below.  A small guest list of 50 or less is ideal for this location.  We create a charming aisle with rows of chairs strategically placed on a grassy knoll, allowing for a one of a kind bridal entrance.  If it were to be a rainy day ~ our back-up is the Canopy area. Checkout the grounds for more images.


how it unfolds...

You and your wedding party are tucked away hidden in the cottage as guests arrive.  Guests enjoy the stroll down to the Gazebo and find a seat.  The music changes and time stands still as your groomsmen and bridesmaids emerge OR maybe an unconventional approach ~ just you emerge looking like you just stepped out of a fairytale.  Smiles and tears appear on the faces of your dear ones as they see you walking.  The day that you have been dreaming about is finally here!  


the setup...

You give us your guest count and we place the chairs.  Immediate family usually sits together, each family on one side of the aisle with guests falling in behind.  We can create a beautiful runway with live flower petals or colorful Fall leaves.  If you choose to use recorded music, a separate music system is used in this area.  Live musicians are placed on the grassy knoll near the Gazebo, which adds a lovely accent to any ceremony.  No guests?   You just have immediate family or friends standing?   Intimate weddings are very personal and the feelings created are unforgettable.