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Trellis Outdoor Weddings
– The Canopy


an open & alluring space for ceremonies large or small…

You have always dreamed of a large wedding ~ Trellis can help you in making that dream come true!  Our white scolloped Canopy seats up to 250 guests. Draped with satin swags and vintage chandeliers, this area is perfect to share your I Do's.  The Canopy sides fold back surrounding you with lush gardens, creating an outdoor wedding area without the worry of a rainy day.  A large wedding party?  Not a problem. We can create a space big enough for all of your wedding favorites to be close by your side. Check out the grounds for more images.


how it unfolds...

Guests arrive, to be greeted with the sound of music. They meander through charming gardens eventually to find their seat for your ceremony. As they relax they can't help but notice the surrounding beauty. The music changes, heads turn, your ceremony is about to begin. A handsome image of groomsmen are lined up on a beautiful wrought iron staircase. One by one each groomsmen begins to descend. A bridesmaid emerges from the cottage and arm in arm the two walk around a kissing fairy garden courtyard, past guests creating a lovely ceremony entrance. A flower girl or ring bearer may follow. Guests eyes tear as you emerge from the cottage. A presentation like no other!


the setup...

We take care of everything!  You provide us with the details and we set up the grounds.  Your only activity is to savor your wedding time with us and enjoy your guests. This is what makes a Trellis wedding unmatchable! Click below if you wish to see the layout of our Canopy.