Calendar is updated as we book, what is shown is our most up to date bookings!


we are often asked..."its winter... should I wait until this coming Spring to see Trellis?" 

No! We are booking weddings all of the time.  If you wait, your desired time and day may not be available.  Even in the Winter you can get a feel for Trellis.  We have many pictures on site and are here to answer any of your questions.  To schedule a showing please call (651) 439 . 9039, email us at OR fill out our form in our Contact page. 

Another great way to get a feel for Trellis is to check out our video, located on our home page.  All of the images were taken on Trellis grounds.  Enjoy!! 


Will you hold a date?

Circumstances in which we make holds on a date and time: 

 * If you have an appointment to come in and sign a contract OR while we are waiting for your contract and deposit to come in the mail.  

We ask that at the time you put your contract and deposit in the US mail, you either call (651 . 439 . 9039)  or email us. We will then hold that date/time for 48 hours.


What do you require to hold a time?

A signed contract along with a non-refundable 50% deposit. This can be done either in person or US mail. 

In person: Please call us. We will schedule a time for you to come in and fill out a contract. We will go over details regarding rehearsal choices at that time. We will HOLD your ceremony date and time until that meeting. 

US Mail: Please call us. We will have you select the time for your rehearsal. Your rehearsal is for one hour and is the Thursday afternoon/ evening previous to your wedding ceremony. This time will need to be put on your contract. It is also included in our pricing. THE DAY you put your contract in the mail, please notify us. We will HOLD your ceremony date and time for 48 hours.