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Trellis was designed with  P R E S E N T A T I O N  in mind.

From the moment your guests arrive, we wanted to create an emotion

From hidden statuaries tucked within our gardens to vintage post lights, and the sound of music heard throughout the entire site, each element produces an impression.

We want you and your guests to feel like your wedding is one of a kind.

Gazebo Weddings

We are often asked, where is the Gazebo on the grounds?  Check out our ABOUT page. 

You will find a layout of this area and additional information !

How does a Gazebo wedding unfold?

You and your wedding party are tucked away hidden in the cottage as guests arrive.  Guests enjoy the stroll down to the Gazebo and find a seat.  The music changes and time stands still as your groomsmen and bridesmaids emerge OR maybe an unconventional approach ~ just you emerge looking like you just stepped out of a fairytale.  Making your way down to the Gazebo, smiles and tears appear on the faces of your dear ones.  The day that you have been dreaming about is finally coming true!   

O u r   G a z e b o

A Trellis favorite!  Gazebo Weddings are incredibly quaint and romantic.  This area is outlined with awe inspiring gardens.  A gift of color wherever you look.   A vintage chandelier overhead compliments the floral setting below.  A small guest list of 50 or less is ideal for this location.  We create a charming aisle with rows of chairs strategically placed on a grassy knoll, allowing for a one of a kind bridal entrance.  If it were to be a rainy day ~ our back-up is the Canopy area.