We are often asked:  It is winter, should I wait until this coming Spring to see Trellis?  

NO! We are booking weddings all of the time.  If you wait, your desired time and day may not be available.  Even in the Winter you can get a feel for Trellis.  We have many pictures on site and are here to answer any of your questions. 

To schedule a showing you need to call us at 651.439.9039.   

Another great way to get a feel for Trellis is to check out our video, located on our HOME page or PHOTOS, on the navigation bar.  All of the images were taken on Trellis grounds.  Enjoy!! 


Trellis Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies  .  12125 80th Street North  .  Stillwater  .  MN  55082  .  651.439.9039

You give us your guest count and we place the chairs.  Immediate family usually sits together, each family on one side of the aisle with guests falling in behind.  We can create a beautiful runway with live flower petals or colorful Fall leaves.  If you choose to use recorded music, a separate music system is used in this area.  Live musicians are placed on the grassy knoll near the Gazebo, which adds a lovely accent to any ceremony.  No guests?   You just have immediate family or friends standing?   Intimate weddings are very personal and the feelings created are unforgettable.

You and your wedding party can stay hidden in the cottage until wedding time ~ emerging as the ceremony begins.  Guests stroll down the grassy knoll, find their seat, music changes, heads turn and a beautiful story begins! 

Imagine this...

Music changes, your guests turn around to see groomsmen lined up on a iron staircase.

  One by one a bridesmaid steps out of the cottage to be escorted to the front of the canopy. 

You emerge with a tear and a smile, you pause to take in a once in a lifetime moment that will forever be in your dreams. 

A presentation like no other!

There are two non removable brick columns in the front of the Canopy.  You can bring in two matching flower vases for your wedding.  Your ceremony photo journal will illuminate, even on a sunny day, by renting our 4'crystal candelabras.  $60 for the pair. 

We also have to beautiful flowered topairys.  $30 for the pair. 

Three walking down the Aisle?

If you would like to have three people walking down the aisle at the same time, we would need to remove a row of chairs to make more space.  This can be done on either side of the aisile.  The extra chairs are placed at the back of the Canopy.  If you have an additional 50 chairs rented from Action Rental, we can not widen the aisle.  Action Rental is the only rental company we work with - 651.439.6592.

Our Pricing
There are four different daily time frames that are outlined above.   

We offer weddings every day of the week, except Thursday's.  Each day and each time frame are a different price. 

Please click the link below and request a price list OR feel free to call us at any time.

                what is included in the pricing?               


We did not want to be that place that nickles and dimes guests. 

Everything that is here is included in our price. 

What we have

Bridal Retreat Cottage.  This charming cottage has two levels.  The upper level is for the guys, with air hockey, dart board, sofa, full length mirror, a small refrigerator and plenty of air conditioning.  We keep it at 61 degrees!  The lower level is for the girls with a large harvest table, make-up mirror stations, full length mirrors, refrigerator, air conditioning and yes an attached bath.   We have ironing boards, a steamer and a box of notions.  Anything you may have forgot, we probably have!   

Thursday Night Rehearsal with YOUR Wedding Day Coordinator.  When you sign a contract with Trellis, you choose your rehearsal time.  It is the Thursday night before your wedding day.  You would plan on being with us for one hour.  Your wedding day coordinator will facilitate your ceremony rehearsal so it unfolds according to your wedding day wishes.   

Wedding Day Coordinator.  This person will call you for all your wedding day details about 5 days before your wedding.  After answering many precise questions, we will have all the information to make those wedding day wishes come true!

200 White Chairs.  Trellis owns two hundred chairs, however we can seat up to 250 guests.  If you would like 50 additional chairs, you would call Action Rental for pricing with delivery.  439.6592 

40 Double White Satin Umbrellas.  To be used if it rains, allowing the wedding party to get from the Cottage to the Canopy. 

Iron Unity Candle Stand.  You would bring the candles, we can provide the stand. 

Small table in Ceremony Area.  You may need a place to put the things you bring in . . . .roses, sand or tree ceremony items.

Two Antique Side Tables.  One is located by our cottage and can be used for signing of a guest book, gifts, cards, pictures or anything you would like.  The other is located at the back of our Canopy.  This is usually used for programs, remembrance bouquets pictures, bubbles, etc.  

Surround sound audio system with FIVE microphones.  We have hidden speakers in our gardens that allow sound to be heard from the time that guests enter our grounds. Music is on from the time the wedding party enters until they leave.  We have prerecorded music we will use or you can bring your own.  You can use an ipod, iphone, computer or any other electronic devise for sound.  Trellis has 5 microphones.  One will be needed for the officiant.  One for a speaker or reader.  One for vows, if you choose to have your guests hear your vows. The remaining are for musicians. 

Musicians Courtyard.  This is located next to our Canopy area and has many electric outlets.  If you are having a Gazebo Wedding, we do have a different sound system that you can use for amplification of music.  This is included in our pricing.   Your

musicians will not need to bring in an amplification system.  They can plug in to our Carvin Mixer.  Music stands will need to be brought in by your musician.  There are plenty of electrical plug ins nearby.  There is no need for extension cords. 

Canopy and Gazebo Layout

Below is a diagram of our layout. We are fine with letting you bring your own decorations to use. We ask that you use zip ties or wire to ensure there is no damage left behind. Make sure you put someone in charge of clean up after your ceremony to take down decorations and clean up.


Trellis offers SWEET TREAT receptions from 8:00 - 10:00pm everyday and anytime on Sunday's.  Beginning the third weekend in August through the second weekend in October,  sweet treat receptions can be offered during our 4:30 - 7:30 time frame for a smaller guest list.  We use furniture in our gardens to create a English Sweet Treat Reception that your guests will love!  Trellis does not have a liquor license.  Refreshments offered are: bottled water, sparkling juices (these can come from a corked bottle), Perrier sparkling water, coffee, ice tea and lemonade.  The sweet treats are on a per item charge and can be decided two weeks before your ceremony time.  If alcohol is a must, remember downtown Stillwater is just 2 miles away . . . your party can always continue!  

If you are looking for a DINNER Reception Venue to follow your ceremony , we have compiled a list of 40 venues that are from two to thirty minutes from Trellis.   We are happy to send you a list of these venues.  Please email us with a note requesting a list on the tab to your right.    


How long does the actual ceremony take?     Average time is 10 - 20 minutes.  A half hour at most. 

What if I don't want to see my partner until ceremony time?    The time of the ceremony can be adjusted within your time frame to allow for this to happen. 

Girls! Do I do my hair and makeup before I come or wait until I get there?    You would come in your street clothes with your hair and make-up done.  Your wedding attire would be put on here, with the last minute prep and details. 

Guys! Do I come in my tux/wedding attire or should I get ready there?  Whatever works best for you.  Some guys say "it is easier to dress once after a shower than to dress twice".  :)

When do we take pictures?  Usually the photographer meets the couple here and starts images right away.  From the dress, tux or shorts being put on to the shoes being tied, those details can be captured. 

What time do I tell family to come?  Immediate family, that you would like to get pictures with should come within 1/2 hour of you coming. 

What if we have really large families and we are worried about getting all of the pictures we want?  You can always start your images earlier or continue after.  We are only 2 minutes from downtown Stillwater, the St. Croix River and Pioneer Park.  All of these places offer beautiful backdrops for wedding day photos. 

Can I bring someone in to marry us?  Yes, you can bring in anyone you would like.  Trellis has an officiant, Sally, my partner and mom.  I am a bit bias of course . . . . Sally performs lovely, very inspiring ceremonies that are custom made to the two of you.  There is never a ceremony that goes without many compliments!  Sally's fee is $300.

Can we bring in food and drinks?  Yes, ONLY for your wedding party and it must remain in the Cottage.  Hydration is very important and girls seem to always forget to eat.  Bringing in munchies and beverages for the wedding party is perfect. 

Is Trellis handicapped accessible?  Yes.   We "sneak" wheelchairs and those who do not want to walk our treelined pathway in to the front of the Canopy.  Our bathroom is wide enough for a wheelchair.  

Can I bring in decorations?  Sure, we find that most guests will bring in items to personalize their wedding.  We have two antique side tables.  Often guests will bring in pictures to share, a guest book to sign, a remembrance bouquet for those they do not want to forget, programs, bubbles, etc.   We ask that you put someone in charge of taking these items after your ceremony.  The last thing you want to do is run around and gather

I would like to attach ribbon or floral to some key places, is this o.k?  Yes, we ask that you use zip ties or wire so that it can be taken down without harm.  Also that you clean up after your self. 

Is there anything you can think of that I would want to bring in?   We have 2 pillars that are thigh high in our Canopy area.  They are permanent and can not be removed.  If you would like to bring in matching floral arrangements for these pillars, it adds a spark of color to your ceremony images

Will there be other weddings on site with mine?  No, we only have one special wedding at a time!  

What about music during the ceremony?  Feel free to bring in any musicians you would like.  If you choose to use prerecorded music, you would bring in an ipod, iphone, computer or any other electronic devise to plug in to our system.  On the night of your rehearsal you need to make certain to bring along someone who will run your music on your wedding day.  The same person that is here for the rehearsal should run the music on wedding day.  We will teach them our simple system on rehearsal night. 

Is there enough parking for my 250 guests?  Yes, our parking lot was made for a guest list of 250.  :)






FULL DAY WEDDING   9:30 - 12:30   Usually a 11:30 Ceremony time   

For the couple who doesn't want the day to end!  Your day would begin with a late morning wedding ceremony.  A luncheon     can be directly after your ceremony or dinner can follow later on in the day.    This time frame is perfect for a private river boat reception after your ceremony (for 45 guests or more).   The price of your ceremony and reception is extremely reduced at this time of day.   This is a favorite Sunday option too!    

EARLY AFTERNOON WEDDING   1:00 - 4:00     Usually a 3:00 Ceremony time

Cocktail hour and dinner to immediately follow at your reception venue. 

LATE AFTERNOON WEDDING   4:30 - 7:30  Ceremony can be anytime between 5:15 - 6:30

Cocktail hour and dinner to immediately follow at your reception venue.  This option allows your party to continue in to the night.  A reception venue that allows music to be played until midnight is nice for this time frame. 

DUSK CEREMONY WEDDING  8:00 - 10:00pm  Ceremony can start at dusk or 15 minutes after you arrive.

Trying to be a bit more economical or just trying to take advantage of our favorite time on the grounds?  This is a perfect option ~ the most beautiful wedding time we offer!  Optional candle light ceremonies are offered along

with the twinkle of post lights, up lights, european candle lanterns and string lights ~ a magical time on Trellis grounds.

Because everyone has a different wedding wish, Trellis has created different options! 

We created Trellis with one thing in mind ~  making couples dreams come true! 

Your wedding day should represent your style and your personalities.  

A few things we have learned over the years . . . . all weddings are very different.

What makes your wedding YOURS is your wedding day choices.

 It starts from choosing a venue that fits the two of you!  

Our City

A bit about Stllwater . . . Trellis is located just 2 miles from downtown Stillwater, on the banks of the St. Croix River.  Stillwater is a destination in itself, bringing in many couples and families to enjoy a day or weekend.   You can stroll the riverfront taking in paddleboats, riverboats and an occasional gondola.   One of a kind antique and boutique shops adorn Main Street with many dinning and pub type establishments, lodging and entertainment too! 

Everything you need to know about Trellis -


ceremony details,